Hey everyone!
This is Day 2 of “Switching from libGDX to Unreal Engine 4”. Today I made some progress… yeah! But first I just wanted to announce that FlatFatCat is finally available on Steam. This was the reason why I hadn’t any time to make any progress in Unreal Engine4 the last days. Sorry for all daily followers, if something like that exists 🙂 Since it was necessary to fix some bugs in FlatFatCat and port the code to desktop platform. Anyhow today I went back to the topic Unreal Engine 4.


Taking Babysteps to achieve easy stuff

My progress is still very slowly, but at least I made something. First of all I was able to spawn some actors by c++ code. I was really proud. After the weekend, I tried to reload my project … and it was broken somehow. So Unreal Engine got stuck at 71% and loads forever. I couldn’t really understand why. So I had chosen another approach. Since I am not very familiar with the Blueprint stuff and I found a book with the title “Develop games with Blueprints and Unreal Engine 4” I decided to give it a try. After some reading I created a new example project and achieved some basic stuff with Blueprints. This in the end helped me to understand the engine even more.

Unreal Engine 4


There is still a lot to learn

So I made some progress with Blueprints and understanding the engine a bit more. I still have the problem that the engine is quite heavy on my Macbook 13, but I am so used to develop on OSX that I switched back to it. I will also stick to the books and I have to learn even more about the engine stuff. For now it seems like this will take me at least some more days, before I really can make some good progress. But in the end I think it is worth it, because I have to say of course Unreal Engine 4 looks fantastic and it also helps me to getting more into the c++ development stuff. Last but not least there are actually plenty of jobs for UE4 developer. So I think it is a good decision, even if it has its downsides.