About me

Welcome on my game development blog – I love to share my knowledge and experience I can gather while developing my own games!

My name is Thorben and I am an one man indie game developer. I founded my own indie game development studio Rainware in Stade (Germany).I develop and publish games to mobile and desktop PC. To achieve this I use different programming languages and Engines such as Godot, Unity3d and libGDX.

“Since I got my first PC I really enjoyed games. My absolute favorite game is Starcraft: Broodwar / Starcraft2.”

What content can you expect on this blog?

I try to cover as many topics I discover or encounter while my game development. This is a wide range of my daily business as indie game developer. From using Godot for game development to making unit tests for games.

My mission

As a core gamer, I dislike the current trend of mobile games. Smartphones and tablets adding a new feeling to games. Unfortunately most of them are very casual, boring or cost a lot of money. My vision: Engage core gamer on mobile devices.

Of course I also want to continuously improve myself and learn new things about game development one of the best ways to learn is to teach other fellow devs on this blog!