Beta preparations

At the moment i have a lot of stuff to create and fix a lot of bugs to get the closed beta up. I hoped the beta would start a little bit smoother, but as always the time is different for a developer. As always you think this is just a small thing and thats easy and in the end it takes a lot of time ­čśÇ
I looking forward to start the closed in the next week thats the good news. Of course there will be parts which are not done yet and also fancy animations missing all over the place. First things first the most important thing for me is to get your feedback, i need to know in which direction the development should go. For now i created everything like i wanted to, but i reached a point where i need feedback and opinions of actual players.

So closed beta will start next week, whats then?

For now i am really focused to get the beta rolling, but of course the are plans made for the near future. As mentioned i wait for feedback to set the development in the right direction, hopefully there is a direction if the feedback is┬áreally evil i can’t do that much with the short time and money left. The beta can be tested on android and ios devices. After a successful beta and hopefully a release short after, i plan to apply the game for steam greenlight so we also have a desktop version. I already have desktop version for development which i mainly use, but the problem are the “in-app-purchases” since android works with google play and ios with appstore. My idea is to release the desktop version to steam and connect the steam purchase library otherwise i could of course design something by myself. The other thought is to release Timbertales in amazon underground, the development for amazon will start after the beta is tested successfully.


I have to go back to work and prepare the closed for next week, i just wanted to write some words to do something different :p and let you guys know about the actual state of development and near future.