Hey everyone,

after some really hard weeks of promotion and social media effort, I am back to development business 🙂 Meanwhile we got some supporter for our Kickstarter and I am looking forward to reach the goal. Keep it up! But it is not done yet. We are about 80% funded at the moment, so if you want to receive cool rewards you should support the game on Kickstarter! Some of the rewards such as the master account won’t be available after Kickstarter anymore.

Before I start to give a small outlook about the upcoming features and things I am currently developing I want to share the T-Shirt design for the “Representation” – Reward (75 Eur) and the Kickstarter portrait, which every supporter on Kickstarter will receive in game.


As you can see we offer all kinds of colors for the T-Shirt, so you can choose your favorite 🙂


The portrait can be chosen in game for your account and will be shown every time a match is started.

Outlook – what is actually going on and what is up next

I am not sure if I mentioned it already, but in the actual beta build I added translations for english, since some supporter on Kickstarter are native english and got early access 🙂
Also the introduction of the players animation before a match started was added to the last build. Last but not least the spheres, which can be dropped, if a unit dies were also added.
At the moment I am working on the topic “Map diversity”. I already finished the first map with its own mechanic which is explained in this video:


In the second map I want to introduce a new mechanic, which I will also need for the upcoming campaign. Collecting and returning. There will be random spawns of acorns on defined map areas. You can pick up those acorns with any kind of unit by simply moving your unit towards the acorn and click on it, like you would attack normally. If you picked up an acorn it is displayed above your unit, so your enemy can see that this unit carries an acorn. If the unit dies while returning the acorn to a special place, the acorn is lost. By arriving at the special place you can drop the acorn by clicking on the special place. The first player, who returned enough acorns will receive a gift of gods. This gift will help you a lot to win the actual match.
I plan to create 4-5 maps with their unique mechanic for the release, more will follow afterwards. So we will have a map pool for challenge, arena, ranked and unranked mode consisting of 4-5 different maps.
After those maps are done I want to finalise the heroes concept and implement the first heroes. Of course the sylvan and vermin campaigns are still missing, so there is a lot of story and content todo. The rest of the time until October, if there is a rest :D, will be used to stabilise and improving the code and server.

Thats the actual plan for the next weeks, I hope we get funded to be save of course. Please share your opinion or feel free to ask about more details if you like.