My opinion on free to play

I want to use this blog to give you a little more inside about myself so today i write about a more tender subject. Let me state my point of view: I absolutely hate Paywalls, pay to win games and its even more worse that those games call theirselves free to play. The problem with free to play games is, you never know if a game is a really good free to play game with a good concept behind it like League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm where you can really play for free and don’t have any disadvantage against any paying user or you have a free to play game which you can play for free, but if you want to be on the same level as other players you have to pay for these games: “if you pay now your building is completed otherwise wait 50 more minutes” i mean what the actually fuck is this about?

I couldn’t and i will never understand why people will spend even a cent in a gaming mechanic like that. Sometimes i have the feeling I am one of a dying breed who loves to pay for a game in a store or steam and have the whole game to play. Of course this means you have to actually spend before playing, but you can inform yourself about the game before you buy it.

disgusting Pay to win

The trick behind most of the pay 2 win games is to let you play a while and you get some emotional binding with your character or city you have build up and then suddenly you must pay for something, at that point i can at least understand why someone may want to pay. I have never done that and i think i will never do this. Of course i spend a lot of money in games, but when i pay then i usually do it because i like the game and want to support its development. This is one point why i like games where you can buy visual things they don’t change the gameplay but you gain some visual effects and you are able to support the development without harming anyone or creating unfair game situations. In my opinion the game experience should always be on top of everything and money should not have any part in the game mechanics

My way to deal with payments

So lets get into it and talk a little bit about Timbertales. As an indie developer with nearly no resources left, i have to survive somehow and the development can’t continue without creating some income in nearly future. But on the other hand i want to create that income with a fair and honest strategy thats one reason why i write this post 🙂 Timbertales will be “free to play” but as i said i hate the image of free to play, because what i meant is truly free to play 😀 You won’t have any disadvantage if you play for free and almost everything in the game can be unlocked by playing which will take some time of course. (Skins can’t be unlocked by playing, but i think this is a well established concept as you can refer from the games i named before).

Shortly i informed a little bit about the amazon underground apps and have to say i like this concept. Timbertales will be released as amazon underground app as soon as the requirements are fulfilled.


So let me give you a small overview about the planed in game purchases available:

  • Random unit, can be unlocked by in game currency and money
  • Campaign can be unlocked by in game currency and money
  • Arena entrance can be unlocked by in game currency and money
  • Challenge entrance can be unlocked by in game currency and money
  • Skins will only be available for money


Feel free to discuss or leave your opinion