After evaluating the feedback, I decided to develop two new feature to become more outstanding. You should definitely want to watch the video until the end for a surprise 😀 These features will be implement in the near future.

Map diversity

To give maps more influence on the game. I want to create more new cool maps with their own mechanics. For example on the map: Plague of insects, you can destroy an insect nest and the insects will hunting down your enemies in return. I have a lot of concepts in my mind. Another example would be a map, where you have to collect acorns and bring them to some kind of god. The first player, who collected the required amount receives a strong unit in return or the god attacks the base of the enemy. There are many ideas in my mind and I need time to sort and evaluate them 🙂


With heroes I want to bring heroes into the game. Every race will receive their own unique Heroes. Heroes will be stronger than units and will have two special abilities. If a hero dies the game is lost immediately. This will give a strong focus on the hero. I imagine that the hero will also gaining experience while playing maybe permanent, maybe just for the game. The concept is very raw at the moment and I have to specify it even more.

I would love to hear your feedback and comments.