Going for new game projects or stick to older game releases?

Going for new game projects or stick to older game releases?

Every time I have to decide which direction I want to go as indie game developer I ask myself should I go for a new game project or should I stick to older game releases?

If you have already shipped a game or two and it didn’t sold well in the past you always ask yourself as an indie game developer is it the fault of your game? Is it your marketing? The quality? Game design?

Can I change something to make it sale well or should I go for a new project with fresh ideas?

Reasons to improve older releases?

You already shipped a game so you are in the lucky spot to actually sale something! This is a huge advantage!

Every new project takes time to build and you don’t have any fans or community with the start. This means you are not able to ask for feedback and you don’t know if your new game will be any good.

With an old game you maybe have already some fans or even a community which can help you to improve the game and attract more new players. Also as you all know marketing takes a lot of time and you have already done this for an older release. You can focus on improving instead of working out loud.

There was a reason why you developed your game, try to go back in time and think about why you actually started the game, why does it not sale well? Check analytics on store pages and review your reviews.

Why going for new game projects?

Sometimes you are somewhat stuck in a game project and don’t have any fresh ideas or you don’t even know what is wrong with your game. That might be the best time to start a new game from scratch.

Most of the time new games brings a lot of motivation you have new ideas and you can do things how you would like to do it. You are also able to try out different and new things. Maybe you find a new niche and can sale this game even better than other games before.


My life situation at the moment is quite hard and I have to make hard decisions how to progress in my life and how to secure my living. At the moment I have depts due to taxes and older projects and unfortunately there isn’t much income at this time.

So I decided to make my decision depending on the feedback of my players if I want to continue on older releases: Timbertales and FlatFatCat or if I want to try out something new. Also I need to work on a lot of side projects where I can actually earn some money.

If you would like to support me make sure to check out our community hubs:

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